So San Antonio

So San Antonio (op-ed)

So San Antonio what’s up?  I’m  sitting here the day before my Birthday feeling thoughtful  and a little blue at  a time I should be excited and looking forward to my special day.

Last night at a meeting I realized I want my life back.  I totally believe in the mission of Timber Ridge Community Association.  I am proud of the efforts and results from the Volunteers and our few, but dedicated Partners, who over the last two years have given time and money to the cause.  We rocked it!

But our excitement was short lived.  Our overall community support has been dismal.  The challenge of getting the word out and generating excitement and support has been bigger than the time and energy of our volunteers.

It doesn’t mean our mission is bad, or that our volunteers are at fault.  We have gone the extra mile and donated services and our own cash to the cause.

What’s disappointing is that in a city of over a million people we can’t find those 10-15 pioneers who have a heart for a challenge, to build community and to build something that helps us make our city a better place to live.

We are a startup.  We can’t compete with established nonprofits and the city.  We can’t offer that level of service. Good news is we still can offer value and we don’t need thousands of dollars to meet our initial goals.  But we do need more volunteers and @$200.00 a month to meet basic expenses.

The fact that we can’t raise that is disappointing, San Antonio.

We still have some time  to turn things around but not much.  I have hope eternal that there is someone out there that sees the potential in TRCA and will help with time and money.  Our mission is sound.  Our documents are up to date.  We are looking for people to be part of a team (not to tell us we are doing it all wrong or that we need to do things their way, yeah we’ve met people like that already).

If we end up 2016 and haven’t found those people (and cash) we will have to move and sell the 3 acres that we own and manage.  That’s a shame San Antonio, but we have given it our best.  It’s not wrong to say hey, we need help.  Even if it’s just getting the word out or donating $5.00.

We love what we do.  We believe in our mission.  We are fantastic, dedicated volunteers doing their best to Build Community.  But we want our lives back.  Balls in your court San Antonio, we need your help (and a hug!).

Leslie Baldwin didn't have a clue what she was getting into when she volunteered to help.  But as President and Founding member of TRCA she's given it all she's got!  Opinions in this article are her own.

Metal Tables for Sale

Greetings everyone!  We are selling the two metal tables at the property.  These tables can cost up to $1,000 brand new.  We are asking $400.00 for the 4 seat table and $250.00 for the 3 seat as you need to unstick it from the concrete.  Help spread the word as the sale will help with the budget.


Timber Ridge Community Association has developed three ways a person can assist our organization.

Partners are people who donate a set amount of money each month (or yearly in some cases).  Beyond the contribution a Partner may, if desired, also volunteer.  To be on a committee, head a committee or be on the Board of Directors, the minimum requirement is a personal partnership.  Businesses may also partner with TRCA with a higher contribution and receive perks for businesses.

Volunteers fill out the Volunteer Application and attend an Orientation session where they learn about TRCA, it’s structure and mission.  They can then let us know where they want to volunteer and discuss their plans.

Members are people living in the Timber Ridge Neighborhood that join the Timber Ridge Neighborhood Group  by paying a yearly fee.  While part of TRCA, the work of TNG is that which is typical of Neighborhood Associations.  Membership in TNG does not include TRCA perks however a person living in Timber Ridge who partners with TRCA is automatically included in TNG if they so desire.

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