Everything Must Go!

Everything Must Go and we’d like it gone by May 20th! The city is taking over, buildings will be demoed so everything must find new owners. Items free to nonprofits (some exceptions, with verification and right to restrict quantity) and for donations from the general public.

Partial list of items available (as of posting)
wood desk, filing cabinet, table & 4 chairs, two fridges (Old-one works one?) building supplies such as pvc fittings, fencing items. rusty who knows whats, old pool equipment, various wood & boards, bathroom fixtures, leftover garage sale and kitchen items, puzzles, books, playground equipment, Christmas decorations and more. A few items have set prices, the rest – make us an offer! (Siding is reserved for security use.)

Bring your own bags, tools (if removing an item) You must have own loading help.

No Holds – POMS

If you are unavailable Saturday we can arrange time to check out items for serious buyers by May 20th.

To Clarify and Congratuations

We at TRCA would like to congratulate the Timber Ridge Neighborhood and the formation of their new Neighborhood Association (TNA). We wish them the best in their future endeavours.

We understand that having two organizations with similar names has caused some confusion and we’d like share some information.

The formation of TNA does not in anyway invalidate TRCA. TNA and TRCA are/would be registered separately with the IRS with their own unique tax IDs.

TRCA and TNA also have different missions. A neighborhood organization operates for the benefit of a specific neighborhood area. TRCA has always been a multi-area organization open to the pubic. In fact 90% of our volunteers and service participants have been from outside the Timber Ridge Neighborhood area. At one time we did offer the Timber Ridge Neighborhood the opportunity to form a sub-group for Timber Ridge only activities but we did not find a volunteer to chair the group and eventually withdrew the offer.

When we formed the organization we added “Timber Ridge” to the name out of respect. We have realized that it may not have been the best choice, but we chose that name because it was located in Timber Ridge.

Since we are in the process of deeding the property at 3103 Rim Rock Trl over to the city, any attempt at a name change would be unwise at this time.

TRCA has already formed an exploratory group to assess our future mission which will include a name change to better reflect our future services. We have already been working on archiving our social media accounts for Rim Rock Market Days and Rim Rock Community Center, and will continue with TRCA after the property is deeded over.

We also ask that those individuals who have been using social media to express unhelpful, hurtful and threatening posts/comments about TRCA and it’s volunteers, to cease doing so. Such action does not change anything and reflects poorly on the Timber Ridge Neighborhood.

**This is an announcement only post. For more information you can message us here or email at r2c2services@gmail.com**

Public Notice Feb 27th 2018


**PUBLIC NOTICE** The Board of Directors of Timber Ridge Community Association have made the decision to no longer offer services at the property 3103 Rim Rock Trl. SATX 78251 as of April 1, 2018

This includes the Rim Rock Community Center and Rim Rock Market Days. (We will hold the March 10th Market)

We have asked the City of San Antonio, TX to evaluate the property for the possibility of acquiring it for a public park.
If the City declines the offer to acquire the property then two possibilities exist:
1) A legally formed & qualified non-profit may make a bid for the acquisition of the property. They must have the necessary funds to pay costs associated with the transfer of the property.
2) A realtor will offer the property to the public for sale.

All funds (if any) received from the sale of this property will be received by Timber Ridge Community Association. These funds will first be used to settle debts and expenses. Then upon the closing of the association, the remainder will be distributed to various nonprofits according to IRS regulations and a final Form 990 will be sent to the IRS.

Who We Are

Timber Ridge Community Association is a 501(c)4 Community Welfare Organization.  That means we are a Service Based group that offers services and projects that support the community.  We are a multi-neighborhood organization in that anyone can join as a volunteer.

We appreciate positive, helpful feedback from people looking into our services and thinking about joining as a volunteer.  Our motto is Teamwork, Respect, Community and Action

We know that many people have experiences with charities but the IRS has some distinct regulations in how a 501c4 is run so what worked for charities may or may not work for us.  We run as a business with the normal day to day paperwork and rules and regulations to make sure we are in compliance with State, Local and Federal Rules.

Your ideas are welcome but if there are no volunteers interested in completing those projects they will not become reality.  We have a list of ideas and to-do’s waiting for the right time and person.

If you have questions please contact us on this website, at r2c2services@gmail.com or arrange for a meeting person to person.  We do NOT engage on Nextdoor.com as we find that several members there feel it is OK to post negative comments about our volunteers, which is totally not cool! 🙂

Have a great day!



Building Community