Looking for a few good Volunteers!

Timber Ridge Community Association and Timber Ridge Neighborhood Group are looking for qualified volunteers to join their management teams.

If you have:

  • Basic Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Like Working with a Team
  • Agree with the Mission
  • Want to Help Others

Then it’s a great time to become a Community Volunteer!

For TNG you need to be a resident in the Timber Ridge Neighborhood as it is the Neighborhood Association for this area.

https://www.facebook.com/TimberRidgeSATX/ for meetings or contact us at:  timberridgesatx@gmail.com


Share Your Stuff! Non Profits

Since the Sell Your Stuff Market is a Community Service – we allow Family Friendly Nonprofits, Youth Programs and Ministries (that reflect the TRCA mission of making our community a better and safer place to live)  to reserve a space to promote their organization.

We ask a donation of $5.00 to be able to continue to offer the Sell Your Stuff Market.


July 2016 Meetings and Classes

July is hot hot hot!  Because of this we are going to be offering classes and meetings online with webinars.  Physical meetings and classes at the Community Center will include the Sell Your Stuff Market and any events decided by special interest groups.


5th  7:00pm (Free)  Commitee Meeting Webinar  Register here: Register Here

9th  9am-3pm Sell Your Stuff Market:  (Personal Mini)  (all other Spaces)

12th 7:00pm (Free) Community/Timber Ridge Neighborhood Group Meeting  Webinar Register Here

14th 7:00pm Journaling, Memory Keeping and Organization with Planners Webinar ($2.00)  Register Here

21st 7:00pm Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation Webinar  ($7.50)  Register Here


Timber Ridge Neighborhood Group


Join in making Timber Ridge a Better Place to Live!

All residents in the Timber Ridge Subdivision in San Antonio, TX are invited to join the Timber Ridge Neighborhood Group for $25.00 a year.

This group serves as the Neighborhood Association for Timber Ridge. Our purpose is to be a positive group that works together to address concerns in the neighborhood and offer opportunities to strengthen our community.

Projects that would be available include:

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Sign maintenance, replacement
  • Grafitti response team
  • National Night Out
  • Neighborhood Socials
  • Safety Workshops

Building Community